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L-23, OK-0220 L23, OK-0220 L23, OK-0220 L23, OK-0220

Main overview:

L-23 Super Blaník sailplane is a two-seated all-metal shoulder-wing plane designed for all stages of training from basic up to special training in flying without ground visibility, higher piloting, and also to the sport gliding. It´s suitable for basic aerobatics in solo flights also. The fuselage is an oval cross-section, half-shell structure. The wings are self-supporting, all-metal, trapezoidal cross section and are fitted with ailerons and air brakes. The fixed part of the aeroplane as the wings, fuselage and rigid tail surfaces are coated with an Dural. Movable parts such as ailerons or elevator and rudder are covered with canvas. The pilot area is equipped with two dashboards, twin control and other controls in the double version. Cabin cover consists of two separate transparent covers of organic glass, rear removable back on the fuselage and the front removable in the side. Landing gear consists of retractable wheel and swiveling tail wheel. The towing device for take-off by aero tow is located in the nose of the sailplane and device for take-off by winch is located on both sides of sailplane.


Other modification of the aircraft L-13 Blaník was formed in 1988, a new type L-23 Super Blaník differs in particular the new cockpit with more transparent cover  with better visibility, T-shape tail surfaces, reducing possible damage during landing outside of the airfield, and simplified wing without flaps with new end curves. Offered are also wing extensions increasing wingspan to 18 m and a glide ratio to 31. Serial production began in 1989 and about 300 aircrafts were produced. 

Main technical data:

Wingspan 16,2 m
Length 8,5 m
Height 1,9 m
Wing area 17,4 m2
Max. take-off weight 530 kg
Empty weight 310 kg
Never exceed speed 253 km/h
Minimum speed 55 km/h
Glide ratio 1:28
Descending speed 0,82 m/s
Max. G-limit +5 g / -2,5 g




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