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G-103, OK-5707 G103, OK-5707 G103, OK-5707 G103, OK-5707

Main overview:

The fuselage is made by composite shell form fibre glass and epoxy resin. The wings are also shell, but the coverage is made from sandwich CfC (composite-foam-composite). The wing beam is fibre glass. A two-part cabin cover is from organic glass, both two parts of cabin open independently to the right. Landing gear consists of retractable wheel at the bottom of the fuselage and a fixed spur at the tail. The towing device is in the nose of the fuselage.


G-103 Twin Astir made by Grob company is a two-seat sailplane based on the previous single-seat type. First take-off was performed in 1976 and this sailplane was originally designed as a sailplane for a sport gliding and advanced training before the retraining to the single-seat types. In 1981 Tom Knauff flew off with the later version of this sailplane Twin Astir II distance 622 nm, it’s, in the conversion, 1001 km.

Main technical data:

Wingspan 17,5m
Length 8,1 m
Height 1,6 m
Wing area 17,9 m2
Max. take-off weight 650 kg
Empty weight 395 kg
Never exceed speed 250 km/h
Minimum speed 68 km/h
Glide ratio 1:38,5
Descending speed 0,62 m/s
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