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ASW19B, OK-5712 ASW19B, OK-5712 ASW19B, OK-5712 ASW19B, OK-5712



Main overview:

ASW 19 (B) fully composite mid-wing sailplane intended to sport gliding. The wing design is made from sandwich fibreglass/foam. The main beam is fibreglass. Wing profile at the root is the FX 61-163 and at aileron area FX-60-126. Metal air brakes Schempp-Hirth type protruding on upper surface of wing. The ailerons are with deflection + 22 °- 14 °. The tail surfaces have similar design as wings. Deflection of rudder is between 30 ° + 22 ° and elevators between +22 -18 °. The fuselage is made as fibreglass shell with amplified keel. Cabin cover is from one piece of organic glass and opens together with dashboard forward up. The sailplane is equipped by water ballast tanks with total volume of 100 l. Landing gear consists of rigid wheel with drum brake controlled by the lever located directly on control stick. On tail is sliding spur.


ASW 19 sailplane was developed as the successor to the popular type of ASW-15, and its first take-off was performed 23.11.1975. The main designer was, as well as for the type of ASW 15, Eng. Gerhard Waibel. 425 pieces of  ASW-19 and ASW-19 (B) were produced until 1986.

Main technical data:

Wingspan 15 m
Length 6,8 m
Height 1,55 m
Wing area 11 m2
Max. take off weight 454 kg
Empty weight 250 kg
Never exceed speed 255 km/h
Glide ratio 1:38








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