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Cessna 172, OK-ZBR Cessna 172, OK-ZBR Cessna 172, OK-ZBR Cessna 172, OK-ZBR


Main overview:

Cessna C172 is all metal, single engine, shoulder-wing monoplane with 4 passengers seats (Pilot + 3 passengers). Shoulder-wing plane a better flight characteristics and higher degree of aerodynamic stability than low-wing plane. The landing gear is fixed, three-point, nose type. The cabin is equipped with two doors on each side of the plane and the cargo area doors located behind the passengers cabin for 54 kg of cargo. The plane is equipped with an Lycoming O-320-H2AD engine with 160 HP at 2400 rpm and with a fixed metal propeller.


Cessna is probably one of the most successful manufacturers of private planes in the world. Planes Cessna are named after founder of company C.V.  Cessna. Prior to the establishing of the company for planes production, Cessna was able to build his first plane "Clyde Cessna" in 1911. Later, in 1927, established C.V. Cessna together with his partners (W. Beech and L. Stearman) "Travel Air Manufacturing Company". Later, he left the company, and with a new partner V. Ross established the "Cessna-Ross Aircraft Company". When V. Ross left company he renamed it for „Cessna Aircraft Company”.

The development of company went forward very rapidly, particularly thanks to its successful marketing, operation efficiency and high reliability of Cessna planes. The Detroit News called Cessna Aircraft Company as masters in the production of high performance light planes in 1936. Cessna introduced the all metal plane C-190 already in 1947. A great milestone in the history of the Cessna A/C Company is the year 1956, when the Cessna 172 Skyhawk was introduced, which became one of the most successful and the most produced aircraft in the history of this company. Company has produced 50,000 unit already in 1963. Cessna introduced the first jet private plane named Cessna Citation in 1969. This model continues in development, so that through many designations came to known types such as "Cessna X" or "Citation Bravo". Company produced 100 000 unit already in 1975. The production of most popular training plane, the two seated Cessna C-152 was started in 1978. This type is abundantly used till today just as the training plane. Cessna Aircraft Company got Robert J. Collier award for safety of their planes in 1986.

Main technical data:

Engine model Lycoming O-320-H2AD
Engine power 120kW / 160 k
Travel speed 226 km/h
Maximum speed 228 km/h
Maximum range 1074 km
Service ceiling 4115 m
Fuel tanks volume 144 l
Hmotnost prázdného letadla 736 kg
Empty weight 1113 kg
Wingspan 11,00 m
Length 8,28 m
Height 2,72 m
Wing area 12,40 m2
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