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L200, OK-PRO L200, OK-PRO L200, OK-PRO L200, OK-PRO

Main overview:

L-200 Morava is a twin engine, all metal, low-wing plane, specified as an aero taxi for 5 passengers including the pilot. Plane is equipped with two engines M-337 with electrically adjustable, two blade propeller in A version or hydraulically adjustable, three blade propeller in version D. Plane is equipped with electro-hydraulic controlled retractable nose type landing gear and double rudders. The aeroplane is characterised by very good flight characteristics and a very comfortable cabin interior.


The development of new aero taxi was the first task of the group, which has started designing in Kunovice under the guidance of Eng. Ladislav Smrček since 1955. The design and shape of the cabin is very strikingly reminiscent to the popular automobile of the Czechoslovak Government officials Tatra 603. The prototype XL-200, which was powered by two Walter "Minor" 6-III six cylinder engines flew up on 9.4.1957. The flight tests of the first and the second prototype showed that the engines have not enough power. Because the M-337 engine was not available yet, the first 10 unit authentication series was built. Engine M-337 was available in 1959 and its installation into the L-200 has substantially improved performance of the plane, known as L-200A. Further modifications led to L-200D version - in production from August 1961. Totally 367 units including prototypes were produced up to 1964. Some units were modified as ambulances for transporting the patient on a stretcher with accompaniment. This plane was used by CSA (Czechoslovak Airlines), Czechoslovak Air Forces and Police. Significant customer was soviet Aeroflot, which used the 170 units. However these types have even served in Africa or Australia.

Main technical data:

  L - 200 A L - 200 D
Engine model 2 x Walter M 337 2 x Walter M 337
Engine power per engine 154 kW / 210 k 154 kW / 210 k
Travel speed 295 km /h 285 km/h
Maximum speed 310km/h 310 km/h
Maximum range 1900 km 1900 km
Service ceiling 6200m 6200 m
Empty weight 1275 kg 1360 kg
Max. take-off weight 1950 kg 2000 kg
Wingspan 12,31 m 12,31 m
Length 8,61m 8,61 m
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