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Main overview :

Z-43 is a all-metal, single-engine low-wing monoplane. Wings are all metal design duralumin coated. The front part of fuselage steel tube welded and it”s coated by removable fibreglass covers, the rear part of fuselage is a duralumin half shell design. Plane is equipped with in-line, invert six cylinder engine AVIA M-337 AK with 156 kW (210 HP), supercharged by ůstandard radial compressor. Plane is also equipped with two blade, during flight adjustable propeller AVIA V-500A with 2000 mm diameter. Fixed main nose type gear makes flat steel springs, controllable front wheel is placed left from longitudinal axis of the plane.

History :

After successful production of the Z-26 aircraft family, the Czechoslovak aircraft manufacturer Moravan n.p. Otrokovice, began design of a new series of training aircraft, known as the Z-40 family. Unlike the previous tandem-seat aircraft the Z-40 family featured a side by side cockpit. It was available in two basic variants, a two seat trainer, the Zlín Z-42, and a four seat aircraft, the Zlin Z-43 capable of being used both as a trainer and a tourer. The resulting design is a single-engined low-wing monoplane of all metal construction and a fixed nosewheel undercarriage. The Z 43 shares 80% of its structure with the Z 42, but is fitted with a revised fuselage accommodating a four seater cabin and a more powerful engine. The Z-43's have wings with a little bit greater span. The Z-43 first flew on 10 December 1968, with production starting in 1972. Production of this type ended in 1977 after 80 aircraft were built.

Main technical data :

Engine model M 337 AK
Engine power 156 kW /210 k
Max. speed 286 km/h
Travel speed 180 km/h
Max. range 950 km
Service ceiling 5000 m
Empty weight 730 kg
Max. take-off weight 1350kg
Wingspan 9,76 m
Length 7,75 m
Height 2,91 m
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