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Goal of the course

Goal of this course is to train the applicant on the level of expertise necessary for providing MEP training on SPA (single-pilot-aircraft).

Entry requirements

  • The applicant has to have valid medical certificate of the 1st class.
  • The applicant must be holder of valid FI(A) certificate.
  • The applicant has to have at least 500 flight hours and at least 30 flight hours as pilot in command (PIC) on multi-engine plane of the appropriate type or class, before the beginning of the training.

Training program

After fulfillment of all entry requirements it is possible to begin with the training course which is composed of theoretical teaching and practical training.

Theoretical part cantains about 20 hours, that pilot-student completes before and during flying.

Practical part of flying contains 5 flight hours. Training takes place on plane L-200 Morava. Training takes place at our airport in Zbraslavice, Tábor, but also at other airports.


Theoretical examination is not required. Only verbal examination is necessary before the beginning of practical examination.

Practical part takes usually between 45 to 60 minutes and must be made by examinator from Civil Aviation Authority.


On request 

Terms of payment

We don’t demand the whole sum beforehand, however, before any flight or flight day, leader should pay down payment which will be needed for the flight or flight day.
Payment are received in cash or by bank transfer. Training is possible to bill for other aeroclubs and other operators, who order trainings in our flight school.

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