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At the airfield

Rooms directly on the airfield. Rooms directly on the airfield.

It’s possible to use our airport not only for your corporate events, but also for your private leisury vacation. For your corporate events we are able to organize the whole program of the event. The most favourite option is so-called „little air show“, when you have a chance to become a glider pilot. Some rules will be determined and you and your colleagues will compete with each other, who will be better pilot. After a little training on the ground, you’ll fly in glider plane with instructor and your task is to stay in the air for as long as possible, using thermals.

If you decide to stay at our airport for longer time coupled not only with flying, but also with trips to our surroundings and also to more distant places from Zbraslavice, which are suitable locality especially for cycling, our aero club can provide you with accommodation in modest, clean rooms with two to four beds.

Rooms directly on the airfield. Rooms directly on the airfield.

In the adjacent hotel

If the accommodation in the unique ambience of airport isn’t suitable for you, there is modern hotel with luxury accommodation.

Adjacent hotel. Adjacent hotel.

Airfield club and pool

During your stay at our airport in summer months you can use our new pool (10 x 4 x 1,5m) with little wading pool for children, which were built in 2008. This refreshment can sweeten your stay i here, especially after completed flight. In combination with refreshment in our airport club, you can calmly watch all the planes and spent a pleasant day.

Our swimming pool. Airfield club.

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