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Nový člen AK Zbraslavice

Pilot - plyšový pes PLUTO


Příběhy psa Pluta

Pluto the dog adventures


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At the airfield

Rooms directly on the airfield. Rooms directly on the airfield.

It’s possible to use our airport not only for your corporate events, but also for your private leisury vacation. For your corporate events we are able to organize the whole program of the event. The most favourite option is so-called „little air show“, when you have a chance to become a glider pilot. Some rules will be determined and you and your colleagues will compete with each other, who will be better pilot. After a little training on the ground, you’ll fly in glider plane with instructor and your task is to stay in the air for as long as possible, using thermals.

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Gliding despite its beauty isn’t so well-known sport. For the uninitiated viewer it’s not so attractive besides mass take-offs and landings. Some of media workers have also flopped charms of gliding and provided some information and stories from the life of gliding. For many of people, who had experienced this harmony with nature, gliding became something like a drug.

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Since the early nineties, powered flying became more intense. Gradually Aeroclub Zbraslavice, which was earlier just a winch station, started to become favourite airport for a fan of powered flying. Interesting thing is, that in the early nineties aeroclub had 14 pilots of powered aircraft and two permanently assigned planes, now there are 40 pilots who use steadily 10 planes.
In 1992, annual air-raid was just about 336 hours, in 2000 737 hours and in 2003 1030 hours. This means, that aeroclub Zbraslavice is one of the most active aeroclubs in the republic.

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Zbraslavice (Kutna Hora district) has been known since XIII. century during reign of Premysl Otakar II.. Since middle ages Zbraslavice town had been known as „..the open town without any ramparts, with castle fortified with bulwarks and embankments“. During and after reign of Vaclav IV. Zbraslavice had the criminal law (executions) and revenue law. The town had been growing, but Hussites‘ wars, seven years‘ war (1757), some fires and also siege of Prussian army (1866) ended its growth. However, until twentieth century, the town was growing and improving its craft and trade. Its historical urban character with eagle wing in the red field as if prefiguring the relationship of this place with flying.


Zbraslavice-Pančava 1922 Zbraslavice 1935 Zbraslavice-Pančava 1940


Tower in 1942 Zbraslavice today



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