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Main overview:

Z-226 is a single seated or two seated, self supported, low-wing monoplane with mixed design and fixed landing gear with controlled tail wheel. Wing is all metal design with main and auxiliary beam. The ailerons are also steel and are perforated to increase the strength. All metal wing flaps move outwards from the bottom edge of the wing profile.  Wing is aerodynamically and geometrically crossed. In the root of wing is NACA 2418 profile and at the end of wing is NACA 4412 profile, geometric crossing is -4 ° and camber angle of wings is 6 °. On the bottom side of the ailerons is static balance weight placed. The fuselage is lattice design and is welded from steel tubes. The upper parts, partially side parts and bottom parts are covered by removable plates. The rest of plane is canvas coated via an auxiliary body from the wooden slats. Cabin cover is sliding backwards from the fixed front shield. Z-226T is equipped with full double controls and dashboards. Z-226B and M have the controls and dashboard only in back cockpit. The front cockpit is intended only as auxiliary seat just for transport of glider. The tail surfaces are metal design. Fixed tail parts are metal coated. Rudder and elevator are canvas coated. There is an aerodynamic counterbalance pad on the elevator, controlled from the cabin,  rudder has fixed counterbalance pad. Landing gear consists of two main wheels and controlled tail wheel with possibility of free rotation around its vertical axis. Landing gear, including tail wheel, is equipped by oil-pneumatic dampers. The main wheels with the dimensions of 420x150mm have mechanical brakes. Tail wheel have dimensions of 260x85mm. Plane is equipped by invert, six cylinders, air cooled engine Avia M137 with 128 kW at 2750 rpm and a propeller with 2050 mm of diameter. Fuel tanks are located inside both wings a there is auxiliary fuel tank behind pilot seat (only in B version). Oil tank is located on leading edge of right wing and is equipped by a cooling blind.


In the mid of 1950s listed the Central Committee of Svazarm competition on the design of a new aero tow plane. This has been given because of ending life of still used planes C-104, C-106 and K-65 Čáp (Stork). This challenge did not go unnoticed in Moravan Otrokovice. The limited capacity of the development of this company did not permit to consider about the design of new special aero tow plane. Therefore, they start to modify a current plane Z-126, on which is based many other modification of this plane, which resulted in Z226MS in the end of 1970s, which flies in our aero clubs till today. There was in the airframe installed engine Avia M 137A with power 132 kW (180 HP) at 2 750 rpm by Aerotechnik Kunovice company. Engine was replenished by two blade, automatically adjustable propeller Avia 503A with 2 000 mm of diameter. First plane in Z226MS version OK-MRA flew up 9. 4.1986. More than hundred airworthy Zlín Z226 fly currently in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The majority makes modifications Z226MS with the number of 71 units and Z-226M with the number 15 units. The rest of it’s replenish rarities as are Z226T (4 units), Z-226B (2 units), Z226AS (1 unit) and Z-226SL (1 unit).

Main technical data: 

Engine model M 137A
Engine power 132 kW / 180 k
Maximum speed 225 km/h
Maximum range 510 km
Maximum grade ability 6,2 m/s
Empty weight 635 kg
Max. take-off weight 890kg
Wingspan 10,28 m
Length 7,90 m
Height 2,06 m
Wing area 14,90 m2






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