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Goal of the course

Goal of the private pilot course is to train our applicant to the level of competence in piloting technique and also in single-pilot aircraft operations in terms of theoretical knowledge and also in practical skills, so the applicant is able to fly safely and effectively according to the rules of flying with suitable visibility and also that the applicant is able to meet the requirements of the PPL holder.

Entry requirements

  • Applicant has to have certificate of medical fitness of the first or sekond class - entrance examination in the Institute of Aviation Medicine.
  • The minimum age of candidates for inclusion in the training - 16 years.
  • The minimum age of the applicant to take the test PPL - 17 years.

Training program

After fullfilment of entry requirements, it is possible to begin with training course which consists of theoretical teaching and practical training. Theoretical part contains especially these subjects:

  • Air law
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Planning and flight performance
  • Human performance
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Operating procedures
  • Flight basics

Student complete a part of those subjects before beginning of the training and the rest of it is completed during practical training. Self-studying i salso really important part of the whole training.

Practical part of flying contains 45 flight hours. Training takes place on Zlin Z-142 plane or on Zlin Z-326 (well-known „Trainer“). Training takes place in Zbraslavice airport, but also at other airports. You’ll learn how to fly to controlled aerodromes such are Praha-Ruzyně, Brno-Tuřany or Karlovy Vary. Length of practical training depends on your time options and also weather conditions, however, it is possible to finish practical part of training in 20 flight days.


Theoretical examination may be taken during practical training. Examinations takes place in Civil Aviation Authority (ÚCL) in Prague and it is composed of nine subjects. Each test must be performed with a success rate of at least 75 percent within 12 months.

Practical part may be taken after successful composition of theoretical examination. Practical part is composed by Piloting technice of the aircraft and track navigation flight. After successful composition of the whole examination, student will receive priváte pilot licence with international validity.

Credits from previous experience

For holders of a valid license for helicopters, fixed-wing ultralights and aerodynamic control in all three axes, as well as for gliders, motorized or motor gliders may be credited 10% of their total flight time as pilot in command of that aircraft, but no more than 10 hours in the total number of flying hours for the PPL (A).


Price of the PPL (A) course by type of plane
45 hours

Z 326 M

Z 142

Theoretical pilot preparations



Landing fees in LKZB



Price of flight hour w/o VAT

3 233,- CZK

3 567,- CZK

Instructor fee

400,- CZK per hour

400,- CZK per hour

Price of the training w/o VAT

163 485,- CZK

178 515,- CZK

Final price of the training incl. VAT 20%

196 182,- CZK

214 218,- CZK

Foreign airport landing fees are not included.

Terms of payment

We don’t demand the whole sum beforehand, however, before any flight or flight day, leader should pay down payment which will be needed for the flight or flight day.
Payment are received in cash or by bank transfer. Training is possible to bill for other aeroclubs and other operators, who order trainings in our flight school.



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