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Comprehensive offer Aeroclub Zbraslavice

For entrepreneurs and businesses we prepared attractive way to promote their services – aerial advertising. Tow of the advertising banner with company logo and slogan becomes very popular and especially very efficient means of obtaining new clients. Towing takes place along the main communication routes, recreational areas and in particular on the occasion of important cultural, social and sporting events. Our advertising is your gain!

You are interested in promotion of your business, your goods and services, you know how to time and direct your propagation. Then you just need to contact AEROCLUB ZBRASLAVICE a.s. and our aerial advertising.

Aerial advertising is one of the most effective way of promotion and in Czech republic it quickly opens out.

What does it mean when we say "Aerial advertising"?

Company logo, company slogan, watchword, information or challenge assembled into a banner which is towed by a plane. Flight path is under places, where are your future customers, who you want to address.

It has a high efficiency for its:

  • rareness and attractiveness, tow plane inspires extraordinary decisiveness.
  • induces a strong and long-term memory footprint.
  • creates a link between aviation association, attribute reliability and quality of service and information.
  • precisely targeted presentations in the required place and time always works only with effective cost.
  • advertising banner height is 3 m, length up to 30 m, which ensures clear legibility distances up to 2 km.


About aerial advertising

  • minimum height at which you can fly around the city perimeter is 150m, above the built-up areas at a height of 300 meters.
  • banner towing speed is 100 km / h - this speed provides sufficient time for presentation and readability of the place of the observer.
  • flight over built-up city center is made in a circular orbit with respect to flight safety and environmental protection.
  • advertising flights can be performed on most of the territory of the Czech Republic.

Banner towing is possible to do according to our offer or to your choice:

  • in built-up areas.
  • along the main communication routes.
  • near recreational areas
  • when exhibitions and trade fairs take place.
  • during sport matches.
  • during any gathering, etc.

We believe that you can utilize aerial advertising to promote your business plans and objectives.

Price list of aerial advertising:

You can ensure production of promotional banner on yourself (we will provide specifications) or we can ensure you production of your promotional banner according to your demands.

Base price – flight hour – 4.800 CZK/per hour + VAT

At contract:

  • 5 hours/month – 3% discount
  • 10 hours/month – 6% discount
  • 15 hours/month – 9% discount
  • more than 15 hours/month – 10% discount

To make advertising flight, you set:

  • flight track
  • frequency (repetition, ..) of flights on a specified route in one day, week, month.
  • one or more texts on the advertising banner.
  • time of each and whole advertising

Comprehensive offer Aeroclub Zbraslavice

Do not hesitate to contact us.



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