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Jedinečná nabídka pro studenty


Start training

Landing of L13 Blanik.


Air school of the Aero club Zbraslavice do this gliding training to get the licence with international validity – issued by the office of civil aviation. For training we use known and proven glider planes L13 Blanik, L23 Super Blanik or G103 Twin Astir.

Gliding will bring you unprecedented experience, alhough if you’ve ever tried to fly. Absolute freedom of movement, silent flight in thermals with birds of prey are experience for everyone as well as the affordability of this training. Price range from 25000,- CZK (depending on your skill) is currently the cheapest possibility to get the pilot licence. Training time depends on suitable weather conditions and your activity. Under ideal conditions, it’s possible to finish the training in 4-6 months, average training time according to long-term experience is around 1 year. In case of intensive training you can reach your first solo flight in two weeks since you’ve started. Everything depends on agreement with the instructors.

Theoretical training

In the beginning you get through the theoretical training, which mostly takes place during winter months. However, it’s possible to study on your own and start practically anytime you want and arrange individual term of tests. Obtaining this, you finish this theoretical training of air navigation, devices, meteorology, aircraft construction, aerodynamics, flight mechanics, aviation regulations, aircraft operations. After so-called ground preparations – theory piloting techniques, you’re ready for practical gliding training. In each subject you’ll be educated by experts of those subjects, who are the members of Aero club Zbraslavice. Content of this theoretical training, which is not unmanageable, is approved by UCL. If you’ll be interested in those subjects, you can expand your knowledge by other theoretical trainings.

Pilot schoolbook.

Practical part - flying
Elementary training

Training course is governed by curriculum AK-PL, approved by UCL, which determines order, number of launches and hours in each task. This curriculum determines the minimum amount of flights. Your advance to more challenging tasks is established by your instructor according to your skills. Somebody can finish it in minimum flights, other can fly it ten times, it depends on your age and individual skills, which are seen after few flights.

Flight behind the tow plane.

First part of training is obviously with your instructor in double-seated planes. It contains familiarization flight, direct flight, mild and sharp turns, falls, circuit flights, repairing of the bad landings and solving special situations, spinning, followed by examination flight and first solo flight. After repetition of everything you’ve learned and completed with navigation flight, you’re ready for the final pilot test, which is accomplished by examiner of Aero club of the Czech republic after successful passing the theoretical examination (same subjects as during theoretical training in the winter). After successful passing the whole pilot test, you’ll become a glider pilot.

L13 Blanik – launch.

Advanced training (flying in thermals)

You can retrain to another type or single-seated powerful glider plane and so becomes the second part of your preparation – flying in thermals.

Retraining on single-seated glider plane.

With our instructors you will learn how to find and use thermals, so your flight can last few hours. After fulfilment of FAI-D conditions, so-called „silver C“, containing long thermal flight near the airport – five hours, 1000m cant and successful 50km flight. After obtaining „silver C“, you become pilot of sport gliding training (after advanced training).

Sports training (cross-country flights and races)

Cross-country flights.

Now, nothing prevents you to fly with our experienced glider pilots on cross-country flights and races. Predetermined tracks between turn points are firstly around 100 to 200km, when you’re more experienced your cross-country flights becomes longer – 300 to 500km. Those of glider pilots, who really love to compete and are quite successful during their flights, try to fly more than 700km long over-flights few times a year. If you’re not interested in those over-flights or gliding races, you can fly near the airport, just for fun and enjoy the nearby nature. It may happen that you realise, that those powered planes, around which you just walk and admire, are better for you, then fuel start to overflow from your ears and so, you retrain to fly powered aircraft.

Have you ever smelled fuel?.

If you want to know more information, visit us in Zbraslavice and ask or call us (Contacts)

Jedinečná nabídka pro studenty

Martin Mezera
Head of training AZ-AIR
Phone: 602954478






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