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Zbraslavice square


Little town situated in Czech-Moravian highlands between Kutná Hora and Zruč nad Sázavou (both cities). There are no accurate records of the foundation of the city. However, once upon a time one knight-errant named Zbrasav lived near and built a log house in the woods on the slope of the hill Poupil. Later, a settlement was set in along the log house. There lived all descendants of Zbraslav and also all his subordinates. Already in 12th century, there was built a Romanesque church near the fort, where a large square marketplace was set up (today’s square). During a fire in 1496, the whole town was burnt including the church. Only the fort was protected. Before 1559 Zbraslavice town obtained its own urban character – black eagle wing in the red field.

Nowadays, there are 1049 inhabitants. With other 12 associated settlements (Kateřinky, Rápošov, Malá and Velká Skalice, Chotěměřice-Pančava, Borová, Utěšenovice, Radvančice, Ostrov, Hodkov, Krasoňovice, Lipina) we get 1431 inhabitants in total.

The highest point is hill Poupil (541 m.a.s.l.)  which is situated almost one kilometre south from the town.

Local climate is quite harsh, however, compared to other cities, there is relatively clean and fresh air. Due to the location between woods and ponds, it is often popular summer tourist area. There are many recreational cottages and camp areas. During the summer there are up to 3000 more inhabitants in the town.

Services to the population include: post, pharmacy, library, cinema, Česká spořitelna (Czech savings bank), health care, kindergarten and primary school, hairdressers, restaurants, gas station, three pensions and a number of shops. Obviously, there are built sewers with sewage of water and there is also a municipal water supply. A relatively huge reconstruction took place in the square; all sidewalks were rebuilt with interlocking pavement. In the town, there is also multi-purpose sports hall with a possibility to rent and football field.

Sport airport in Zbraslavice organizes sightseeing flights, training of engine-powered flying and gliding, and also provides aero-taxi.

We should also remember, that in 1902 a soccer club was established, which have continued with its activity since its establishing. Every year there are two soccer tournaments for the Cup of Carlsbad Becherovka.

Local fire brigade has functioned here since its origin in 1875. Settlements Hodkov, Ostrov, Útěšenovice and Rápošov have also their own fire brigades. They show their skills at district competitions. Zbraslavice has very good transport links (bus and train).
Zbraslavice – Church of St. Lawrence, Statue of Virgin Mary, Statue of St. Jan Nepomuk, the Jewish cemetery, castle grounds
Hodkov - Church of St. Wenceslas, Castle, clinker, Ostrov – castle, Statue of St. Jan Nepomuk

This is what was written about Zbraslavice in regional guide published in 2000.

In the neighbourhood of Zbraslavice there are many possibilities how to spend your free time actively. There are many hiking and bicycle paths, beautiful and large forests offer a possibility of mushrooming and outing, ponds are very popular during summer season when ponds offer great chance for swimming and refreshment. In winter, there is usually enough of snow for cross-country skiing.

The Old pond Zbraslavice school Church of St. Wenceslas in Hodkov




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