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Winch towing in 1950s Flying in 1950s, plane Fairchild UC-61 with Bücker 181 named Basa in backwards

On 31st of October in 1931, in case of worsening weather situation, Czechoslovak airliner type Avia F.VIIb/3m, OK-AFB made emergency landing on fields near hill Poupil towards village Radvancice.
At the time representatives of ČSA in cooperation with Department of Public Works (MVP) were finding solution for question of emergency airports on the route over Czech-Moravian Highlands. Expansion of air traffic during autumn months and preparation for night flights reinforced the idea of emergency airports. Pilots were searching for the most suitable field and the final verdict (despite opposition of Uhlířšké Janovice town) was released around the year 1932 by the authorized committee – the best field is near Zbraslavice.
After prolonged negotiations on the price of fields, just for a lease at first, but then the fields were bought (contemporary price was 2,80 Czech crowns per one square meter). The field could be ready for sowing in summer 1933 after solving diversion of power lines and small ground shaping. To open the airport, driway to administration building had to be solidified and demarcating circle with a diameter of 30m had to be placed. Opening was approved by MVP yield c.j. 266 2488/6-75.337 ai34. From the beginning of 1935 it have been approved as national public and ancillary airport. On 5th of February in 1935 the approval of administration building with apartment for administrator took place (as an administrator was appointed Josef Chobot). Because of gradient of the field It was necessary to make drainage. Construction company Jar. Dajbych from Kutna Hora city was building a hangar for planes in 1937.
At that time, traffic in Zbraslavice airport was just occasional. Witnesses says, that it was used by military pilots, who landed there during orientation flights from distant airports just to get confirming stamp from administrator. More frequent guests were also planes from Baťa aviation department, which ensured connection between Zlin and branch in Zruc nad Sazavou. Layover were doing also sport planes during their sight-seeing or competition flights. There are no detailed documents and testimonies of military air force activity in the period of military emergency and mobilization in 1938. There was base of 61st intelligence and 72nd bomb squadron, which were subordinated to air force headquarters of 1st army (‘Havlicek 10‘). For a short term there was also 2nd observation squadron ‘Slavia‘. Mostly they used biplane airplanes
Aero A-100/Ab-101 and twin-engine B-71. Activity of fighter squadrons with B-534 planes hasn’t been clearly documented. During the occupation, MVP maintained its administration with Czech staff, although as a operators there were army schools Luftwaffe. For them, Zbraslavice were auxiliary (or working) airport area.
Until the end of 1943 there was mostly pilot school from Pardubice city Flugzeugfuhrerschule A/B 32 Pardibitz, which flew there with silver or dark camouflaged planes Heinkel He 72 Kadett, Focke Wulf Fw 44 Stieglitz and also with Bucker Kranich, SG-38. Pilot cadets were accommodated in wooden quarters at the Old pond. Today these wooden quarters are used for recreation.
In recent months of 1943 there was branch of battle school SG 102 in Nemecky (German) Brod (today Havlickuv Brod) Schlachtgeschwader 102 with Junkers Ju 87A planes. Those planes were ordered along access road. During all days complete training was taking place including flying in formations Kette (2) or Rotte (3) and dive flight. In 1944 there were Ju 87B as training planes. In this existing air traffic there was also pilot school from Pardubice with He 72 and also with gliders. In June there was larger group of gliders – DFS Kranich, Weihe, SG-38 and also Grunau Baby..


Pilots and students in 1946 Flying in 1950s, plane Bücker 181 named Basa Flying in 1950s, aerobatics sailplane LF-107 Luňák, sailplane DFS Kranich in backwards


We don’t know much about activity of Czech airports in the final phase of the war. At many places were found some planes nearly without any fuel which had been damaged or destroyed by people dedicated by the end of the war. Similar situation was also in Zbraslavice airport. After a short-term placement transport forces II/TG 2 with Junkers Ju 52/3m there stayed not only those planes but also Ju 87 (including 87G) and Focke Wulfy Fw 189. Supposedly one of functional transport planes type Ju 52 was from this airport, operated by Czechoslovak air force. Part of fifty-two with German crew with load flew away from here west.
After liberation, Red Army settled down on the airport, it provided the necessary material. In the hangar there were many valuable gliders type Kranich, Weihe, Olympia, Grunau Baby GBII and also school gliders SG 38. From May 1945 there was actively incipient aero club near Baťa aviation department i Zruc nad Sazavou, which got two school gliders from Zbraslavice. Other gliders, some of them damaged by wrong manipulation, were after transfer of ownership to MNO allocated to somewhere else. Aero club in Zbraslavice began in August 1945.




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