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Airfield and Aero club Zbraslavice history
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 Own history - 2

Tower in 1976, plane Aero Ae-45 in forwards with besides stands L-40 Metasokol and in fully backwards Z-126 Trenér Flying in 1960s, pilot setting in aerobatics sailplane LF-107 Luňák Flight praparation in 1957, preparing sailplane VT-125 Šohaj


Presidential decree from 27th of October 1945, n.12456 acknowledged ownership of the Zbraslavice airport for Czechoslovak state, represented by the Ministry of Transport. Activity was restoring gradually – the influence of other aero clubs began. Not only by home aero club, but also by others – from Zruc nad Sazavou, where wasn’t any suitable airport or field. Since the end of 1946 till beginning of 1950s there was also aero club from Kolin, they moved when their airport was ready for use. From 1946 members of Kutna Hora group were flying there. There also wasn‘t any suitable airport. In the early postwar years there was nearly motor operation only. There were some new planes Piper Cub L-4H from U.S. excesses – those planes were overflown into the country from June 1946. Each of the mentioned aero clubs ran only one own plane. Kolin had two own planes, the second one was provided by manufacturer Navratil. This businessman and supporter of aviation in Zbraslavice had his business plane Fairchild UC-61 (license plate OK-ZEU) here. He provided his plane for Zbraslavice aero club during weekends. Later there were also two or three planes type Praga E-114 Air Baby and Z-281.

In the postwar years glider pilots had been commuting to better weather conditions in Podhorany near Zelezne hory (loosely translated Iron mountains) until 1948 when soaring traffic was finally started. As the only airport in the area, Zbraslavice had winch, which was also used by other aero clubs. Those aero clubs were going there with their own gliders. Aeroclub of Zruc and Posazavi became a center of DOSLET in 1950, aero clubs Zbraslavice, Humpolec and Havlickuv Brod were subjected to this center. In the end of 1951 provincial Central gliding school in Kralupy was canceled and its activity including all material and staff were under the leadership of Antonin Purok moved to Zbraslavice, just for a short term. In school activities, there were also other glider planes type Kranich, Kmotr and others.


Dismounted sailplanes in 1945 Flying in 1960s, aerobatics sailplane LF-107 Luňák and VT-125 Šohaj in backwards Flying in the end of 1940s, plane Piper L-4


New reorganizations, with inception of Svazarm in 1952, meant a cancellation of gliding school and moving all material to somewhere else. In Zbraslavice „Winch station of aero club Svazarm“ was maintained and there also was new paid position of chief. Jaroslav Stepanek, local member of aero club Zbraslavice, was accepted as the chief of the aero club. Aero club Zbraslavice was subjected to regional aero club Jihlava, melded with all members of aero club Zruc nad Sazavou.
Besides activity of glider and motor operations, in 1953 there was also placed school for air agricultural work, which belonged to Czechoslovak airlines, who became owner of the airport. Instructors of „duster pilots“ (pilots of agricultural planes) came to train the pilots on planes type Fieseler Storch also known as „Stork“. Their activity and activity of the aero club blended well together. During air shows, which have been taking place since the end of 1940s, pilots were helping with organization and during normal traffic at the airport, they operated as tow pilots and instructors. This status lasted till 1955, when the training center was moved to Prague-Ruzyne. Zbraslavice airport
acquired status of „Aero tow station of Svazarm Zbraslavice“, Zbraslavice were subordinated to Central administration of Civil Aviation. For the second half of the 1950s, there were generous subsidies for this organization and enough planes and ancillary equipment.

During 1960s glider pilots and pilots of powered aircraft continued with their activity and activity of parachutists accrued. There are new curriculum and new trainees started to come. Glider pilots were concerned at periodical championship supported my tow pilots, there are also aerobatics pilots and cross-country flights. In aerobatic competitions, Slavoj Mezera succeeded and became Czechoslovak acrobatic tip. Pilots of powered aircraft started to compete in navigation competitions. Those activities culminated in 1970s – in 1971 there was championship i air navigation, for the first time with international participation (Polish with plane Wilga). Home crew Mezera-Štacha won second place.
1960s were marked by yellow wooden gliders – next to aging Šohaj gliders, which were slowly leaving, number of wooden glider planes Orlik started to grow. Since the beginning of this decade, times of immortal L-13 Blanik, metal glider for training, have begun. Today, Blanik planes have been used as training planes for more than 30 years!


Flying in 1970s, fully hand start of Zlín Z-126 engine Flying in 1957, unique plane of Czech flying C-104 - originally Bücker 131 Jungmann


In the mid 1970s, unfortunately the activity of glider pilots was scaled down and so the activity of other pilots. But the location of the airport in suitable and convenient area led to organizing Czechoslovakia women championship and later also men championship. During competitions, most of competition days were used. The only problem was coordination with air traffic in Caslav-Chotusice airport. In the years 1976-77concentrations of aero club Tocna caused that many members from this aero club moved to aero club Zbraslavice. Intense training had been taking place since 1979, but in 1982 the activity of glider pilots was changed a little bit. Aero club started to climb up in the ranking of national competition and since 1983 aero club was pushing into the first period of the rank of aero clubs in former ČSSR-ČSFR.
Parachute training was ended in 1979 because of complicated situation (lack of airborne aircraft, etc.) and restrictive terrain. They moved to Kolin.
We also can’t forget about the activity since sixties-seventies of planes Z-37 Cmelak („Bumble-bee“) in Zbraslavice which belonged to contemporary Slov-Air.




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