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Airfield and Aero club Zbraslavice history
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Let’s come back to the activity of the aero club. In 1982 some juniors started to struggle in aero club’s activity. In 1986 Ivan Hodan won CSR junior championship, in 1982 he achieved 5th place in federal soaring ranking. In 1982 Petr Tichy won 3rd place at CSR junior championship. But achievements of other pilots were improved too. In 1988 Jaroslav Němec first acquired all diamonds for golden C and today many pilots have to master just one condition (cant 5000m) to acquire the highest award. As a variegation, aero club organized concentration for glider pilots in Ruzomberok (Slovakia), so they could fly in the mountains. Since then collective have remembered all these great concentrations.
Training motor pilots was under way really intensively too. Many pilots have had permission for towing from fields, flying in the night and many of them achieved commercial pilot license (CPL).
To improve their flight abilities was used motor glider L-13 SW Vivat. Recently many pilots extend their qualifications to ULL. Quality of air activities and responsibility can document also a fact, that during the last twenty years there was no accident with injury. Planes, which suffered light damages, were all returned to the traffic after repair. From the above you can see a very good relationship of members of the aeroclub to all air material. This can be also documented repair of two planes type VT-116, otherwise they would be eliminated. L-60 Brigadyr (OK-MJP) was also put into operation again with original engine. Coordination with BMZ Air Service company Praha-Letnany was prepared thoroughly, they helped us with total overhaul of L-40 Meta Sokol (OK-MMM). In our own premises there were also made extensive renovations of historical aerobatic glider LF.107 Lunak (technical performance was subject of the thesis of R.Jensen). We could say, that this Lunak has the most sophisticated technical reinsurance of all renovated Lunaks from the present. In our hangar, we have all eliminated planes under slung under the hangar roof. Who knows, probably they will be able to fly again in the future.


Airfield view in 1992


Sociable team, nice atmosphere and background create something special for all aero club members, their families and kith, who spend their weekends or vacations during and also out of the season here. To create pleasant background contributed also a rebuilding of the control tower (realized in 1983, 1987, 1992/93 and 1999/2000), building a fire tank (pool used during hot days in summer), landscaping and building a tennis court. Gradually members brought there their dwelling units to have comfort here. In 1987 the biggest airplane Avia Av-14 made its last landing i Zbraslavice airport, it was transmitted to the aero club, because it was eliminated by the army. For many years it was dominating factor of our airport area next to the hangar.
Aeroclub Zbraslavice has long tradition, which have started over 60 years ago. In this historical period there appeared many personalities participating on life of the aero club. Mostly there appear no political effects of all previous eras and for the vast majority activity of the aero club wasn’t connected with personal ambitions. It’s really hard to name all personalities to maintain objectivity and all merits. In any event, one of those significant personalities of the aero club was longtime chief Jaroslav Stepanek and his later successor Slavoj Mezera. Jaroslav Nemec was flying all over the republic in glider, devoted glider and motor pilot was also Ferdinand Kares and many others.


On the occasion of 21st. IVGC Rallye prepared as a supplement of the periodical Letecke listy (Air newspaper)
by Ing. Pavel Kučera, Aviation Historical Society (LHS), and RNDr. Lubomír Hodan;
Aero club Zbraslavice





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