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Since the early nineties, powered flying became more intense. Gradually Aeroclub Zbraslavice, which was earlier just a winch station, started to become favourite airport for a fan of powered flying. Interesting thing is, that in the early nineties aeroclub had 14 pilots of powered aircraft and two permanently assigned planes, now there are 40 pilots who use steadily 10 planes.
In 1992, annual air-raid was just about 336 hours, in 2000 737 hours and in 2003 1030 hours. This means, that aeroclub Zbraslavice is one of the most active aeroclubs in the republic.

Growth and interest in powered flying is supported by well-functioning air school AZ-Air. Many pilots of this air school stay after completion of the training in aeroclub Zbraslavice as its members and continue with their aeronautical activities but also maintain the life of the aeroclub.
With business development and rise in prices of flight hours, the membership of powered gliding was changing and first private engine planes appeared.
From public view, powered flying is more well-known and so the interest of new potencial pilots is more in powered flying. However, many new pilots of powered aircraft are happy to try gliding.
Advantage of powered flying is its independence from weather situation and mostly yearlong activity. If there isn’t half a meter of snow and weather allows it, we usually fly in Zbraslavice.
Aeroclub Zbraslavice can offer a training with any level of the final qualification – private pilot, commercial pilot (also commercial pilot of multi-engine aircraft). That all with our own technique.

Z 326MSL 40 - Metasoskol


Powered flying is also a great for recreation. In practice for navigation flights over the czech basin or abroad. Many people were fascinated by the view from the plane above our beutiful country. Zbraslavice surroundings encourage all trips, but not only nearby but also to Moravia and other corners of Bohemia.
This day trip with friends or family during good weather with a little break for a lunch or coffee at other airports is always unforgettable experience and one of the most beautiful memories.

Z 326MSZ 326MS


Why not to safe few hours and a way to the other end of the republic for your business partner or for your family complete in the plane. Thanks to the European union even further. The membership and pilot licence allows also these possibilities. If you travel by air from Zbraslavice to Ostrava you can safe two hours and also sweeten your way. Without any hesitation, you can also avoid the dangers on the road.

L 200-MoravaCabine of Cessna 172

Competition flying

You can compare also with engine planes. It's possible to fly aerobatics in many different categories and with differently powerful planes or you can try precision flynig.


Aerobatics requires not only solid and sturdy plane, but also a very good physical condition of a pilot and good orientation in every second of the flight.
Normal flight within seconds turns into and upside-down flight, value of multiples move on the border of endurance, plane can’t leave imaginary box of edge 1km and that all is thoroughly monitored by strict referee. This is very brief summary of aeronatics.
Basic aeronautics are possible to complete with Z-142 plane in Zbraslavice. You can complete the most difficult aeronautics in Air sports center in Moravska Trebova.

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Precision flying

Conversely, precision flying is a discipline, which doesn’t require so good physical condition. It requires perfect coordination of every activity on board in conjuction observation of the terrain, precise navigation, time tracking and great piloting skills.
Essence of air navigation is to fly over the track, which is published to pilots 30 minutes before launch. Track must be flown with accuracy + - 2 seconds, on the way pilots have to find all known and secret signs and their location draw into the map. To help pilots with finding them, they recieve photos (with the task of track) of all signs. They have to finish their flight with precise landing into the zone zero (that’s area with a lenght of 2 m, in which pilot doen’t get any penalty points). For every meter out of this zone, pilot gets penalty points which grow with distance. Also for each second out of tolerance at every time control during flight and for every not found sign or badly drawn sign into the map or photos are given penalty points.
Time precision during the flight is monitored by established checkpoints with flight recorder on the basis of GPS. To evaluate the flights there are special programs. The winner is the pilot, who gets the smallest number of penalty points.

FlightTurn point

You can try and experience all this and much more if you visit us.



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