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Gliding despite its beauty isn’t so well-known sport. For the uninitiated viewer it’s not so attractive besides mass take-offs and landings. Some of media workers have also flopped charms of gliding and provided some information and stories from the life of gliding. For many of people, who had experienced this harmony with nature, gliding became something like a drug.

From the perspective of many laymen, glider pilots are strange people. In the early morning, they are in hurry to get on the airport soon, they watch the sky lastly, get all the planes out of the hangar or from trailer and prepare they selves and their planes for the early launch. They get in to the air by tow behind the tow plane or winch. When they are in the air finally, they are trying to stay up there as long as possible or they try to fly over the predetermined track in the shortest possible time.
They move between the ground and the sky, to return back to their airport in the evening with joy. Those happier by the air, the less successful by the road.

Nice viewLanding


For recreational glider pilot, it’s joy when he flies around the airport and its surroundings. Zbraslavice are created for recreational gliding. Conditions, especially thermal, are really good for glider pilots. Location of Zbraslavice on the west border of Czech-Moravian highlands allows the use of days for gliding, although there’s already stable atmosphere in the west or vice versa there is still rain in the east after the front.
In case of very instable air layering, it‘ possible to use weather conditions in Polabi, conversely, for situations, which requires hilly terrain, it’s possible to use the area of highlands.
Zbraslavice provides ideal conditions not only for flying members, but also for their families and friends. Possibility to swim in a pool at the airport, in ponds nearby or in the river Sazava, sightseeing in Kutna Hora or other trips and many other activities.

Cool team, which comes here, contributes to a sense of pleasantly spent days.

Happy glidersCan arrange a good lunch


Sporty glider pilots do cross-country flights – flights over predetermined track, they try to make it as fast as they can. In our club, these tracks are usually between 100 and 500 kilometres. When weather conditions are friendly, flights around 750 km aren’t exception.
Besides aero club pilots, there are also pilots with their own glider planes. They both try to provoke each other to better performance. Enthusiasts, who devote all their free time and considerable amounts of money to their hobby, make the healthy core of gliding part of the aero club. Their enthusiasm and performances encourage others to be better and enjoy those achievements.
However, many people think, that glider pilots just sit in a plane and move just a little bit, sport gliding is psychically and mentally very difficult activity. Usually, after eight-hour session in a plane glider pilots are exhausted so much, that they must relax in the aero club pub, drink golden brew (beer) and hear all the stories from flight day.

Sport sailplaneThermic flight


As already mentioned, in the past few years a group of enthusiasts gathered in Zbraslavice, for who sport gliding is training and preparation for top Czech and also foreign competitions. From pilots who scored in CPS (Decentralized national gliding competition) almost three quarters regularly compete in national championships, continental championship and also world championship.
For laymen, gliding competitions are even more beyond all understanding than gliding itself. If the weather is good, it is the experience of two-week marathon of competition days, starting in the early morning and ending late at night. Although those marathons are for competitors the best that can happen to them and also considered by competitors as the best way to relax and enjoy their vacation, mostly they all would after the end of the competition need another week of real vacation.
Competitive disciplines are mostly racing disciplines – winner is the one who fly over predetermined track with the fastest time. Competition track is given by turn point, which must be overflown in the right order to accomplish the daily task. This is controlled by GPS recorder. During the flight, this recorder must be turned on, so that competitors can turn the igc record in for the scorer. In special program, scorer can check, if the track is overflown correctly - if competitors didn’t disrupt any prohibited area and if turn points were flown by correctly. Sector of turn points is defined as a circle with a diameter of 0,5 km centered on the turn point.

Start gridAssistant

Pilots from Zbraslavice usually placing the first positions in gliding competitions.



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