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Comprehensive offer Aeroclub Zbraslavice


Little Air show

It is possible to utilize our airport for organizing your teambuilding. We are able to organize complete program. The most favorite variant is so-called little air show, when you have a chance to become a glider pilot. Clear rules are determined and you can compete with your colleagues, who is better pilot.

After theoretical preparation, you will fly with flight instructor in glider plane and your goal is to stay in the air as long as possible using thermals. Instructor will take off and land and control you during the flight. During the day, sightseeing flights for dependents and friends take place. It is up to you, if you want us to organize also a party in the evening with roast piglet with possibility of live music, or you can go home after the event.

Preparation for flight Take-off, towing


Pilot to test

In case of unsuitable weather conditions for flight with a glider, we offer another possibility of extreme sports fun. You will fly with engine aircraft and try what it’s like to be an engine aircraft pilot. Track of the flight will be drawn in the map and you will navigate using the map and aircraft instruments. During the flight, you will see nearby attractions from the air. You will fly with our experienced pilots.

Navigation during flight Landing approach with a sailplane


Celebrations, parties, trainings and teambulding events

We are happy to prepare any of the following:

  • corporate celebrations and open-air parties
  • teambuilding events
  • client day - special events for VIP clients and business partners
  • parties for employees or customers
  • annual events
  • training of workers and business partners

Hall with a capacity of 70 persons We also provide refreshments

Company - is especially about people. Good company - they are happy people. And because we know it is very important for you that your employees are satisfied, we offer cooperation in strengthening the links between your employees, to increase their motivation and productivity. And that teambuilding is the right recipe for everything what was mentioned above. Through teambuilding you devote to your employees time spent together outside of the work environment, teambuilding can provide common experiences that everyone will remember for a long time. Teambuilding is also a form of thanksgiving and expression that you appreciate the work of all people in your business. Through teambuilding mutual communication within the group is improved and the solidarity of individuals with the team is strengthened. All this is important in breaking the barriers that hinder not only the functioning of the group, but also creativity and spontaneous expression. Let’s summarize briefly all positives of successful teambuilding: increased staff morale, loyalty to the company, develop leadership skills, constructive work on the strengths and weaknesses of the team and its individual members. And that’s not it a little at all. Conversely, in some situations these newfound skills may save not only the team but the entire company. Therefore, we offer you and your company exceptional teambuilding training based on individual and group improvisations. Teambuilding awakens emotions, relaxes and encourages individual members of the team, which also returns the flavor in other activities. Thanks to teambuilding, deeply rooted and ingrained stereotypes common for seeing everyday problems are disrupted. During teambuilding we work with concepts such as self experience, communication, empathy, cooperation, focus on the "here and now". We focus on the ability to positively develop the situation in line with the real position of a specific individual on the team. We are able to organize not only Teambuilding events, but also give you an space for training your employees and business partners in a pleasant public airport Zbraslavice in which it is possible to combine training with entertainment, or a program of self-realization of your employees and business partners. In the event of a prolonged duration of your event, we are able to provide accommodation at the airport or outside the airport as well. Contact us and feel free to ask for details. We are ready to answer your questions and talk about everything tentative at the beginning and prepare suitable company teambuilding.

Comprehensive offer Aeroclub Zbraslavice

Do not hesitate to contact us.



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