L-13 "Blaník"; OK-6815 Print

Main overview :

L-13 Blanik is a two-seat, all-metal, top-wing sailplane, designed for all stages of training from basic to special training including high pilotage and sport gliding also. With one pilot on board is well suitable to basic aerobatics. The fuselage is oval in cross-section, semi-monocoque design. The wings are self-supporting, all metal, trapezoidal cross section, and are fitted with ailerons, flaps and air brakes. The fixed parts of the aircraft such as the wings, fuselage and tail surfaces are coated with Duralumin. Movable parts such as ailerons or the horizontal and vertical tail surfaces and flaps are covered with canvas. The pilot area is equipped with two instrument panels, dual controls and other controls in the double version. Canopy is made up of transparent cover of organic glass, which is divided into two partitions, and is tiltable to the side. Landing gear makes retractable main wheel and fixed spur. Aerotow device is located in the nose of the glider and device for winch take-off on both sides of the fuselage.

History :

Development began in 1954 in Aviation research and test Institute (VZLU) in Prague-Letnany under the supervision of chief engineer ing. Karel Dlohý. Two prototypes were completed in 1956 in the prototype workshop VZLU in Vysočany and the first flight of the first of them was in March of the same year. Documentation and production took over the factory Kunovice in 1957’s, and after shortening the front part of the fuselage, replacing the spur wheel by slip spur and making tail foldable for easier transport introduced this type into serial production. Production was discontinued in 1978 with production 2616 pieces, most of which still operates in more than 40 countries of the world. It ranks among the most successful products of our aviation industry. There was made small series of upgraded version of L-13A with stronger main system in the years 1981-1982.

Main technical data :

Wingspan 16,2 m
Lenght 8,4 m
Výška 2,1 m
Wing area 19,15 m2
Max. take-off weight 500 kg
Empty weight 297 kg
Max. speed 253 km/h
Min. speed 55 km/h
Glide ratio 1:28
Descending speed 0,82 m/s
Max. G-limit +5 g / -2,5 g